I'm not sure what has come over me over the last 6 months? maybe it's getting the appartment in France, but my attentions have firmly turned to sorting the house. When we moved into our house 7 years ago we had an 8 week old baby and we were driven by wipable practical kid friendly design. We converted the kitchen space and chose bright, fun, and practical furniture. We sold a lot of our antique pieces we had moved from our old 2 up 2 down cottage and stored a few bits 'incase' we started changing things up in the future. 

7 years later and the kids are at an age where we can re introduce some of our personality to the home. I am now on a mission to get the house working as a whole, so that whichever room we walk into makes us smile. 

so here is the space before. Plain white walls, left over brightly coloured chairs (that I will replace with wooden ones as soon as I can afford to). Old cushions now stained with spag bol, chocolate pudding, and god knows what else. The grey seat cushions are a new addition, and made everything else look incredibly tired, maybe that was the final staw?

After painting my daughters bedroom with a flower mural, I knew I wanted to try another paint effect elsewhere.

I thought it might be in the bedroom, but then I had the brain wave to update the dining area. I quickly jumped on pinterest to look for inspo and found a whole bunch of things I liked the look of... you can follow me on Pinterest at MakeEmakes where you can find a whole load of stuff I have pinned in the middle of the night.

You may be able to spot the theme....

So I had the idea firmly planted but how to actually do it was another thing. I have a box of tester pots in the loft which I use for all sorts of things (my daughters room included). I then came up with a simple way to measure out the spacing of each column of diagonal lines, I knew there would be an element of going free hand but I needed to embrace that because I really wanted the hand painted, loose, boho vibe rather than regimented and slick. 

So here is how I did it..

  1. I measured the length of the wall (not the height, that's not important). My wall measured 300cm long.
  2. I needed to devide it up into /\ cheveron columns, I ideally wanted an odd number so there would be a central /\, but it wouldn't give me a round number to work with. I ended up divding the wall by 8. So I knew I would get 8 up and down strokes (16 coloumns in total).
  3. I marked the 8 columns every 37.5cm apart using a pencil.
  4. Then using a length of wood (2x4) with a straight edge and a spirit level I used the wood as a ruler and checked it was vertically level with the spirit level and marked out the 8 columns with a pencil.
  5. I then divided the first column into 2. I marked the half point at 18.75cm and repeated the spirit level trick.
  6. I chose my colour and brush (practiced on some paper first to get my eye in) and the painted all the \ down stroke chevrons in the first column trying to keep the spacing equal. If I was to do this again I may be tempted to start in the middle of the wall and work outwards.
  7. the in the 2nd column I did all the / upward chevrons trying to aim for the top points to be level.
  8. repeat to the end.
  9. Rub out any pencil marks with a rubber (once the paint is dry).

And that is all there was to it. I put the shelves back up and have started dressing the wall with up to date photos and bits. 

Overall I am super pleased with the result, the ultimate test was what Mr A would say and he loves it so I'm cashing that in as a win.