Autumn is my most favorite times of year, warm golden days and colder evenings to snuggle up on the sofa binging on netflix with wip in hand. And every year I mark the start of the season by whipping up a new pair of uber cozy slipper socks. They are super easy and work up really quick making brilliant gifts for your friends and family.

You will need:

  • 2 balls of Knitcraft leader of the pac yarn or 2x 100g aran weight alternative.
  • 6mm and 7mm crochet hook
  • scissors

This pattern is written using UK terms, US terms can be found in abbreviations.

  • ML = magic loop
  • htr = half treble crochet  - US half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet - US single crochet
  • dc3tog = double crochet next 3 sts together (decrease) - US sc3tog
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch 
  • FPtr = front post treble crochet  - US FPdc, front post double crochet
  • BPtr = Back post treble crochet  - US BPdc, back post double crochet

Working with 2 strands from your 2 balls together and using size 6MM hook…

Round 1) ML, ch1, 7htr into loop, ss to join

Round 2) ch 1, 2 htr in each st round, ss to join (14 sts)Round 3) ch 1, *2htr, 1 htr* repeat * round, ss to join (21 sts)

WIDE FIT add round 4) ch1, *1htr into next 6 sts, 2htr* repeat * round (24 sts) 

Size 7MM hook.

Round 5) ch 1, 1htr in each st round, ss to join, turn

Round 6) Repeat round 5 see size guide below.

  • Size 3-4 = 8 rounds       WIDE Size 3-4 = 7 rounds
  • Size 5-6 = 9 rounds       WIDE Size 5-6 = 8 rounds
  • Size 7-8 = 10 rounds      WIDE Size 7-8 = 9 rounds 

Making the heel space:

1dc, ch 14 (wide fit ch 16), skip next 11 sts (Wide fit skip next 14 sts), 1dc in each st round.


Round 1) ch1, 1dc in each st round. ss to join. turn

Round 2) ch2, 1tr in each st round, ss to join.

Round 3 -9) repeat round 2

Round 10) ch2, *FPtr, BPtr* repeat round, ss to join. Cast off weave in ends. 


Round 1) Join yarn to corner of mouth of the heel opening, ch1, 1dc in each st round, ss to join

Round 2) ch1, 1dc into next 11 sts (wide 13 sts) dc3tog, 1dc 10 (wide 11 sts) dc3tog, ss to join.

Round 3) ch1, 1dc into next 9 sts (wide 11 sts) dc3tog, 1dc into next 7 sts (wide 9 sts) dc3tog. Ss to join.

Round 4) ch1, 1dc into next 7 sts (wide 9sts) dc3tog, 1dc next 5 sts (wide 7sts) dc3tog, ss to join.

Round 5) ch 1, 1dc into each st round.

Round 6) repeat round 5. Turn inside out ss seam together. 

Finishing… add your choice of pompoms or tassels or leave plain, your socks give them some personality!