It’s been a while since my last blog update, my laptop is in laptop hospital so I am having to beg, borrow and steal time on my husbands. So straight to it before he asks for it back. Some of you may have seen my plant pot hangers on my Instagram and a few of you have asked for the pattern. It’s very simple to make and only needs one ball of yarn so it’s cheap to make too. 

A while back I brought some Rico Fashion Jersey a) because I like the colours, b) I thought it’d make good crochet jewellery and c) because I’m a yarn addict. It has sat staring at me from my stash, and has almost been given away several times, then finally after being inspired by the incredibly brilliant rainbow of crochet herself Kate at Jellybean Junction I thought I would give a plant hanger a stab. I must say it’s like this yarn was MADE FOR THE JOB. It’s not as thick or inconsistent as t-shirt yarn or as splitty as cotton and gives the best finish. Grab yours from . 

Firstly you will need a plant pot, I made this pattern to fit a pot with a 7cm diameter base, 10 cm tall with an 11.5cm diameter across the top. I also painted my terracotta pot with chalk paint but you don’t need to do that obviously. 

You will need: 

Terracotta pot (see dimensions above) 

6mm hook 


Ball of Rico Fashion Jersey    

Abbreviations: All my patterns are in UK terms. 

ML = magic loop 

Ch = chain 

Dc = double crochet (UK) 

Htr = half treble 

Tr = treble 

St/sts = stitch / stitches 

Ss = slip stitch

Round 1: ML, ch3, 16 tr into ML, ss to join.

Round 2: ch3, *2tr into 1st st, 1tr into next st* repeat from * round, ss to join.

Round 3: ch1, *2dc into 1st st, 1dc into next 2 sts* repeat from * round, ss to join.

Round 4: ch2, working into the back loops 1htr into each st round, ss to join.


If it's too tight you may want to go back and change up a hook size or loosen your tension.

Round 5: ch5, skip next 5 sts, ss into next, chain 5, skip next 5 sts, ss into next st, repeat round, ss to join. (make sure you have 6 sets of ch5 loops)

Round 6: ss into 1st 3 ch sts from 1st ch5 loop, dc into top of ch 5 loop, ch6, dc into nect ch5 loop, ch6, dc into next ch 5 loop, repeat round. ss into 1st dc st to join.

Round 7: ss into 1st 3 ch sts from ch6 loop, dc into top of ch 6 loop, ch7 dc into next ch6 loop, repeat round ss into 1st dc st to join.

Round 8: 7dc into each 7ch loop round, ss to join.

Round 9: ch2, 1htr, 1dc next 3 sts, *htr into next 4 sts, 1dc into next 3 sts*, repeat from * round ending on 1htr into last 3 sts. ss to join

Round 10: *ch 10, skip 6 sts, 1dc into next st* repeat from * round, ss to join.

Round 11: ss into 1st 5 ch sts from 1st ch 10 loop, 1dc into top of loop* ch 20, 1dc into top of next ch10 loop, ch 5, 1dc into top of next ch10 loop*, repeat from * round, ss to join.

To finish: cut 3 long lenths of yarn approx 60cm. thread through middle of each ch20 loop from last round, tie all ends together at the top allowing enough drop to hang at the height you want.

Make a tassel and tie underneath from ML. (go to previous blog post for tassel pompom garland for tutorial on tassel making)

Please share your makes using #makeemakes or tag me on istagram @make.e so I can see your beautiful hangers xxx